Dog Vaccinations

Canine vaccinations are vital to safeguard the health of our beloved dogs. Core vaccinations, including protection against distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza virus, and bordatella, are essential for all dogs due to their highly contagious and potentially fatal nature.

Distemper is a severe viral disease affecting multiple body systems and can prove deadly for unvaccinated dogs. Parvovirus is another highly contagious and resilient virus that primarily targets the gastrointestinal tract, often leading to fatal outcomes. Adenovirus causes hepatitis, a serious liver infection. Parainfluenza virus and bordatella are common causes of respiratory infections such as Canine Cough in dogs, leading to symptoms like coughing and nasal discharge.

Puppies receive a series of vaccinations from six to eight weeks of age, as they initially receive some protection from their mother’s antibodies. However, these antibodies decrease over time, leaving them vulnerable to infections. The vaccination series ensures timely immunisation, aiding optimal immune system development and providing lasting protection. Booster vaccinations strengthen and maintain immunity throughout their early life stages. Subsequently, vaccinations are continued annually or triennially, depending on the specific vaccine and the dog’s needs.
By adhering to the recommended puppy vaccination schedule and keeping vaccinations up to date, you proactively safeguard your dog’s health and reduce the risk of infectious diseases.

Additionally, vaccinations contribute to the well-being of the entire canine community by preventing disease transmission. At Ascot Vet, our experienced veterinarians will guide you through the vaccination process, ensuring your dog receives the necessary vaccinations at the appropriate times.


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