A microchip is a tiny, electronic device that serves as a permanent identification for your pet. It is about the size of a grain of rice and contains a unique 15 digit identification number. This identification number is registered in a national database, linking it to your contact details and your pet’s information. Microchipping is a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership, and provides a safe and effective way to reunite lost or missing pets with their owners. While collars and tags can be lost or removed, microchips remains securely embedded under your pet’s skin. This means that even if your pet wanders off or gets separated from you, they can still be identified, and you can be quickly contacted to bring them home safely.

In Western Australia, microchipping is mandatory for all dogs, cats, and some other companion animals. Under the Dog Act 1976 and Cat Act 2011, all pets must be microchipped by the age of 12 weeks, or before being sold or given away, whichever comes first. Failure to comply with these laws may result in significant fines.

At Ascot Vet, we make the microchipping process simple, safe, and stress-free for your pet. Our experienced veterinarians perform the procedure with utmost care and within a standard appointment slot. The procedure involves a quick and virtually painless implantation of the microchip under your pet’s skin, typically between the shoulder blades. The process is similar to receiving a vaccination and does not require anesthesia. We will then send the paperwork with your microchip’s unique ID number to be registered in a nationwide database.

We use 15 digit ISO standard chips, which means if you ever head overseas, your microchip will still be valid and able to be registered on overseas databases.

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